"We worked with Elizabeth for our Runway Rocks collection. We found Elizabeth to be extremely professional and pleasant to work with, delivering fantastic craftsmanship. Her interpretation of our brief was a perfect combination of creativity, innovation and distinctive design. Elizabeth's jewellery is original and inspirational."

Nadja Swarovski, CEO, Swarovski  


"We commissioned Elizabeth to create a beautiful, unique engagement ring that reflects our commitment to each other. In doing so she has provided us with a very charming bespoke experience and classical British craftsmanship."

Julie Allegro, Founder & General Partner FYRFLY Venture Partners and Mike Maples Jnr, Founder, FLOODGATE 


"I believe Elizabeth has exceptional talent. Her jewellery is distinctive and original."

Jan Springer, World Gold Council


"Elizabeth's work is at the cutting-edge of current trends. It is both distinctive and stylish."

Jocelyn Burton, Founder


"Elizabeth is a very insightful business professional and leader. She’s mentored and supported designer entrepreneurs with strategy and the fundamental practicalities of market and product in an inspirational way. She’s direct and thorough and has a focus on delivery. "

Nadia Danhash, Director InnovationRCA and Founder AngelClubRCA


"I had the chance to attend one of Elizabeth’s seminars and was really amazed by Elizabeth’s knowledge of the international luxury market. I was also impressed by the clarity and the appeal of her b2c projects, which in my opinion succeed in mixing competence, taste, knowledge and customer experience. I definitely recommend Elizabeth as a creative and knowledgeable luxury professional and a passionate speaker. "

Carlo Pignatoro, Author of "Sell With Style, The Ultimate Guide To Luxury Selling"


"I did think it was hugely risky going into the jewellery business but Elizabeth was very enthusiastic and very exciting. When she was grilled by the Dragon's nothing seemed to faze her. Business is about having fun as well as about making money and I thought if anybody can do it she can. "

Duncan Bannatyne, Investor, BBC's Dragon's Den and Founder of Bannatyne Fitness



Empress Earrings for Mappin & Webb, designed by Elizabeth Galton. Worn by the Duchess of Cambridge. 

Empress Earrings for Mappin & Webb, designed by Elizabeth Galton. Worn by the Duchess of Cambridge.