Bespoke Commissions

Commissioning a bespoke jewellery piece with Elizabeth is a special experience and the client is at the heart of this creative journey. A talented designer and creative guide, Elizabeth draws on her extensive knowledge to breathe life into your desires. She combines traditional skills with innovative design and the exceptional craftsmanship of dedicated setters, mounters and master craftsmen who also serve the Royal Household.

Whether you are looking to breathe new life into an existing piece of jewellery, design your perfect, bespoke engagement or wedding ring, or mark a special occasion, Elizabeth can guide you in creating a unique masterpiece to suit your ideas and budget. 

The most successful creations and engagement rings are those born from a synergy between the client and the designer. Elizabeth’s aim is to build a strong dialogue and trust in order to deliver what a client desires, exceeding their expectations and creating a timeless testament to their personal story.

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